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Why Enterprise InstaRad?

Enterprise InstaRad takes healthcare to a higher level. Multi-center organization workflow is difficult to manage but Enterprise InstaRad makes it easy.

Save time with Enterprise InstaRad
Enterprise InstaRad is a great time saver for patients, doctors, specialists, and the hospital staff.

  • No waiting time for doctors
  • Referring specialists view images within seconds as streaming technology is progressive and prioritizes the streaming of clinically important data (images on demand). Irrespective of the bandwidth of the internet connection, the viewer downloads and displays the refined image almost immediately.

  • No waiting time for patients
  • As radiologists access radiographic images remotely and send back the diagnosis within minutes, physicians start treating patients at once rather than waiting for a specialist to arrive at the hospital.

  • Instant alerts and notifications
  • With Enterprise InstaRad, doctors and specialists are immediately alerted about a case via SMS or email. Priority emergency alerts are also available.

  • Ready to use templates
  • The viewer includes readymade report templates and patient history for quick reporting.

  • User friendly interface
  • Enterprise InstaRad's interface is intuitively obvious i.e. easy to use and understand without extensive training.

Save money with Enterprise InstaRad
Enterprise InstaRad leads to cost savings for patients, doctors and hospitals.

  • Easy management
  • Enterprise InstaRad offers huge cost savings as it overcomes the technical complexity and cost overheads of managing multiple standalone servers at various centers. All the data is stored in a central server that is managed by an administrator.

  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • IT and administrative costs are minimized while bandwidth utilization is maximized. Hospitals save on patient transportation costs, film costs, and equipment needed to store films.

  • Reduced medical fees for patients
  • As specialists access the images from home, office or on the move, they save on commuting costs. All these cost savings are passed on to patients as lower medical charges.

  • Integration with HIS/RIS
  • Enterprise InstaRad can integrate with existing HIS and RIS.

No extra hardware or operating system costs with Enterprise InstaRad
Apart from the server meeting certain minimum specifications, you don't have to purchase new hardware or operating systems to use Enterprise InstaRad.

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Enterprise InstaRad works well on most servers — Dell™, HP®, IBM®, Sun Microsystems®, etc.

  • Compatible with various operating systems
  • Enterprise InstaRad is compatible with Windows®. The Linux™ and Mac version is under progress.

  • DICOM compatible
  • Enterprise InstaRad accepts DICOM 3.0 images. Non-DICOM images are converted via a DICOM converter.

Enterprise InstaRad is highly reliable and scalable
Enterprise InstaRad has a fault tolerant architecture. This means two servers are always working together to ensure 100% uptime of the solution. Load balancing allows additional centers to be added to the network seamlessly. Enterprise InstaRad handles up to 6000 cases per center.

Enterprise InstaRad assures accuracy
Enterprise InstaRad supports a two-level reporting workflow. A report is prepared by a junior doctor and reviewed by a senior specialist before sending it back to the remote centers. The radiology solution also offers report addendum and key image support. Doctors and specialists can also collaborate in real time for better diagnosis.

Enterprise InstaRad is efficient
The central server has a workflow rule based engine that manages data from various medical centers and routes reports back to them. Based on rules and hierarchy, images are uploaded from remote centers via a DICOM upload utility onto the main server. The rule based engine assigns work as per availability of specialists, competence, and type of problem.

Enterprise InstaRad is secure
Security features in Enterprise InstaRad are:

  • Access control to referring physician
  • Compliance with the highest patient information security standards of HIPAA
  • HL7 compliant
  • US FDA approved
  • Digitally signed reports
  • Electronic signatures

Enterprise InstaRad viewer is highly accessible
Enterprise InstaRad comes with a powerful yet user friendly viewer (built on .Net™ technology) that is accessed via a web browser. It can be easily accessed on laptops with data cards, iPhone®, GSM and CDMA mobiles. Features of the viewer include:

  • Image caching for offline viewing to overcome erratic internet connectivity
  • Limited user licenses
  • DICOM print and CD creation
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Macros support for faster text entry
  • PDF and Word format reports
  • System Administration
  • Basic 3D features
  • Advanced 3D features with Additional license
  • Full-window displays
  • Customizable Interface
  • Window Width/Window Level (WW/WL) manipulation
  • Zoom in/Zoom out, Pan
  • Grey Scale Invert
  • Text and Graphic overlays
  • Cut lines and Scout displays
  • Left/Right markers
  • Flip/Rotate
  • Hounsfield measurements
  • Measurement tools – Grey-scale, Angle, Line, ROI
  • Image Rotation
  • Length/Area measurement
  • Series comparison and Multiple studies
  • Interactive Windowing
  • Stack and Page modes
  • Filters
  • Study browsing

Reporting features of Enterprise InstaRad
Enterprise InstaRad offers reporting features such as:

  • E-fax of reports
  • Key image support
  • Report addendum support
  • Report search
  • Voice recognition

Training & Support

Meddiff Technologies will provide:

  • Web based trainings
  • User guides
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Site visits when required
  • Updates and upgrades